Where is Cary Clayton Studios?  9108 North Rodney Parham Road | Suite #202 - Little Rock, AR | Inside Dance Studio

What is your photography style?  My style of photography does vary. Be sure to check out my portfolio before you book to see if I shoot how you would like. I will not change my shooting style or editing outside of the style that I do.

Is my deposit refundable?  No, your deposit secures your date and time. When you book, I can no longer accept a client for that date and time. If the calendar permits within 30 days, you may be allowed to schedule another session with the same deposit.

Photo/Video Session time frame?  Sometimes the session may end sooner than your time frame if we have gotten the desired look/outcome. We will not shoot to just shoot to "fill up the time". Once we have achieved our goals, the session will end. 

My Shoot is outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, Is There A Fee?  Yes, Cary Clayton Media will travel to you, however there is a travel fee to be determined based off of distance.

Do you work alone?  It depends on the project. Cary Clayton Media does contract & hire other professional Photographers/Videographers depending on the task at hand!

Can I Use Glitter or Confetti?  Glitter & Confetti can no longer be used inside the studio, however, we can always shoot your glitter/confetti shots outside!

How much do you charge? The booking tab has a list of prices, however some sessions may cost more depending on certain circumstances.

My newborn,child,kid is just not cooperating, what can we do?  I do understand that kids are completely random,especially when the spotlight is on them and a random man is holding a camera in front of them, however, I have a high volume of clients and so we must still adhere to our schedule. I suggest practicing with your child before your session that way it does not feel like a completely new experience.

What happens if I am Late?  Call/Text to let me know. We can still shoot your session, but be aware that you do NOT get EXTRA time. Be mindful it is most likely another session right behind you. 

What is the turn around for the pictures?  Standard time will be 7 days. Same Day = $50 | Up to 48 hours = $25 Please book accordingly! My schedules are set weeks and months in advance and I will not alter it to fit your rush edits in without a fee.


Do you provide props?  I offer standard studio props such as chairs & stools. Anything you want in your photos, you bring.

What do I do AFTER I have booked?  Gather & secure the things you need for your session (Props,Clothes, Etc) . I check in 24 - 48 hours prior to your session but feel free to email me! 

Do you edit the pictures? Yes, each photo is ran through software to handle correct color, correct lighting, proper cropping, minor scratches & bumps, etc. If its an excessive, that will result in a paid service. I do NOT do body manipulation.

Do you offer Hi End Glamour Edits? At the customer's request & a service fee, I do offer glamour edits at $20 per photo, however, I will NOT manipulate your body.

Can I cancel my session or reschedule? Yes of course, I will however retain your deposit, but if dates permit, we can reschedule on the calendar. 

I'm shy or I've never taken pictures before, will you help me pose? Yes, I will give you some minor insight, but for a fee, a professional Creative Director can be brought in to assist you during your session.

I do not know what kind of pictures I want to take, can you help? Most of my clients I know, some I don't, so each personality is different, therefore I don't know what YOU want. If you have a idea, I will help you create your vision, but we need a base first, which I allow for YOU to decide for YOUR pictures.