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Your non-refundable retainer secures your date and time.
⚫ Reschedule dates must be within 30 days. You can reschedule from your confirmation email. 
⚫ If you are late, please call/text. Your session will still end at the scheduled time. Be mindful of clients coming right behind you. 20 minutes late without contact will result in a no call/no show.
⚫ Final balance is due after the photo shoot. Payments can be made via Cash | Cash App | PayPal | Credit/Debit Card
⚫ Consultations MUST be booked before we start working on your project. Consultations are FREE if already booked.
⚫ All clients under 18 must be accompanied by someone OVER 18.
⚫ Cary Clayton Media LLC & Studio Dream LLC  is not responsible for wardrobe, makeup, hair regrets or malfunctions. (Example: Face makeup not matching the skin tone of the rest of your body.) 
⚫ By not paying the rush fee, you are in agreement & understanding your turnaround time is up to 14 days. 

Wedding Cancellations. 

If the Client shall cancel this Agreement ninety (90) or more calendar days before the event date, 25% (deposit not included) of payments will be refunded back. If the client shall cancel this agreement within 30 - 90 days before the event,10% (deposit not included will be refunded back. If the client shall cancel the agreement within 30 days of the event, Cary Clayton Media will retain all monies paid. *Money can be applied to an agreed upon future session, schedule permitting. 

What is your photo turnaround time? PHOTO PROOFS are delivered within (7 business days)!  FINAL EDITS are delivered within (7 business days) of selection. Please Book Accordingly or pay a rush fee. Rush Fee will only apply to PHOTO PROOFS unless me and client specify otherwise.Please do not make contact regarding PROOFS or FINAL EDITS ‘before’ the due dates.

What to expect after my session? You will receive a photo gallery link to your PHOTO PROOFS. Screen shot and text me back your selections. I will then text back your FINAL EDITS as well as place them in your photo gallery.


What is your photography & Editing style? Be sure to check out our portfolio before you book to see if we shoot how you would like. I will not change our shooting style or editing outside of the style that we do. Each photo is run through software to handle correct color, correct lighting, proper cropping, minor scratches & bumps, etc. If it's excessive or body manipulation, that will result in an additional paid service.
*Advanced Editing Techniques Start at $50 | This includes Graphic Design, Alter Egos, Photo Merging.

Do you provide props?  We offer standard studio props such as chairs,stools,plants etc,. Anything you want in your photos, it's the clients responsibility to bring. We welcome all props to help capture your vision!


Photo/Video Session time frame?  Sometimes the session may end sooner than your time frame if we have gotten the desired look/outcome. Once we have achieved our goals, the session will end. 

My Shoot is outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, Is There A Fee?  Yes, Cary Clayton Media will travel to you, however there is a travel fee to be determined based off of distance.

Do you work alone?   Cary Clayton Media LLC & Studio Dream LLC does employ, contract & hire other professional Photographers/Videographers depending on the task at hand!

Can I Use Glitter or Confetti?  Glitter & Confetti can no longer be used inside the studio, however, we can always shoot your glitter/confetti shots outside!

My newborn, child, kid is just not cooperating, what can we do?  I do understand that kids are completely random,especially when the spotlight is on them, however, we have a high volume of clients and so we must still adhere to our schedule. I suggest practicing with your child before your session, that way it does not feel like a completely new experience.

I'm shy or I've never taken pictures before, will you help me pose? While our main focus and goal is to professionally capture your session, we can offer minor insight. For an additional fee, a professional Creative Director can be added to assist you during your session.This person is focused on producing results and is trained to ENHANCE your experience.  We also recommend searching different poses online that fit your style & personality. 

I do not know what kind of pictures I want to take, can you help? I suggest searching online forums such as Instagram & Pinterest to look for creative ideas. You are responsible for bringing items/props needed. If it's something we have at the studio already, you are more than welcome to use it!

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